Hi guys,

Is there a simple solution to lock wall opening to the in-project host level?
I don't get it why windows families are so dumb, that in-project "Sill Height" parameter moves up or down the whole family geometry with the family Ref. level.
It ends up that if i lock wall opening void to the in-family Ref. level and then change "Sill height" parameter in project it moves whole geometry with the void for the difference of in-project "Sill Height" and in-family "Default Sill Height" parameters...
I know that it is like generic model family and its elevation parameter, but why did they give us "Sill height" parameter and joined it somehow with "Default Sill Height"? It makes no sense.

So, the only way to controll voids "align" to the floor lvl is to create for it instance height parameter and copy by hand Sill Height value to it?