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Thread: Revit Family - Rotational Problem

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    Revit Family - Rotational Problem

    The question is in the image. But I'm essentially trying to create a LOD400 roof panel that can rotate both vertically (for roof pitch) and laterally (for roof direction). I can't for the life of me find anything online that comes close to answering this problem. Anyone have any ideas?

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    make the panel, nest it into a Family with a Refline to rotate for pitch, host on that Refline, nest that into a family with a Refline for direction.

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    Curiosity strikes... how big is this panel? A shingle? Concrete Tile? Large metal panel?

    How does the project benefit from digging deeply in this particular rabbit hole? Does a separate roof element for just the material thickness and with a surface pattern applied to it achieve the same goal?

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    I know this is not an answer to your question but I would rotate it manual laterally and veritcal by rotation parameter (Marcellos revolve method).
    Hope you find the solution.

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