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Thread: Single sloped (pitch) top chord joist and truss

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    Single sloped (pitch) top chord joist and truss

    Hello All

    I am looking for some revit 2018 families for the following situation as I am working on a project that requires a Single sloped (pitch) top chord joist and truss, the bottom chord is flat as the project has a under slung crane hanging from the joists and truss. I am also looking for a family of a joist that has the middle of the top chord dropped. I have attached a jpeg with highlights of what i am looking for. I was able to make a truss from scratch but i was unable to get the array and the extrusion for the joist should to flex. your help is appreciated. I have contacted a few local joist suppliers but they do not have any revit families for any non standard joists and trusses yet.

    If someone would be willing to share their family or know where I can get one. it would be really be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    The existing truss families that come with Revit, for example, the Howe Flat Truss, can attach its top to a roof of structural floor, and their profile can be edited in elevation. Therefore, it is not necessary, in my opinion, to create families of trusses for these conditions.

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    So i would disagree with Alfredo on this one when you have a butterfly roof u can not use a flat truss for that u need the one highlighted in yellow on the top right because that is the shape of the truss.

    However you will have to make those trusses (start from scratch do not try to modify existing truss families)

    truss families are not hard to make u can get the webing that you want

    here is a version of the truss on the top right make sure you use the structural trusses template ( this one gives the options to assign top and bottom chords and webbing) NOT the structural framing complex truss template
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