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Thread: Issues with reference view

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    Issues with reference view

    I am new in this forum and in the Revit software. I have looked everywhere and cant find the answer to this. I wonder if there is a regen comand in revit, because my reference that I imported in DWG from autocad is looking messy like the picture below. I tried copying and pasting again and nothing seems to work.
    Thank you in advance!
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    That typically happens when your DWG is far away from the Origin
    Like miles, or dozens of miles away.
    The best way to fix it is to open the DWG and moves everything close to 0,0,0

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    Nothing like regen exists

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    I suspect the origin (0,0,0) of the imported CAD file is very distant from the linework. Miles away kinda distant. Revit doesn't like that. Try opening the CAD file, moving the line work to 0,0 and reimport it, it should read correctly. As an aside, you probably want to look into linking your reference file instead of importing. A search on here will yield ample discussion on why this is a good idea.

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