Hello guys, I have new project that will start soon and I thought I would give C/M another try.
I am on the Architects side, so I would prepare a model with my structural elements in it (worksets, project parameters for filtering etc).

The challenge or my concern is the way doors get translated. The become openings in the Structural copied and monitored walls.
We have doors and windows on exterior CMU walls and doors and openings on shear walls.

Since the doors we use have additional linework and clearances, when the walls and openings are C/Med on a structural model, the openings are not the correct size.
The additional geometry on our doors and other fenestration benefits our documenting process - do I don't want to give them up.

The project we work on have several floors (20+) so again I wanted to try C/M at least on the shear walls and exterior CMU walls since those change and the location of doors change throughout.

I was thinking of asking my structural engineer not to copy the fenestration and just C/M the walls.. but at that point does in the process any better than just manual and visual coordination. To add to the logistics, our new structural team models ALL walls so that they do not span levels (whereas we would model a shear wall all the way up from the bottom to the top as one wall.

If the translation of doors were not an issue I think this would be an easy workflow.
looking to heard from those on the structural side.

Thank you