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Thread: Need help with rotating family parts.

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    Need help with rotating family parts.

    Hi everybody. I'm pretty good at making families but I'm at an impasse here. I'm trying to make a family for a backflow preventer, specifically this Watts model:

    This model comes in 3 configurations, straight, "N", and "Z":

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I want to be able to control the rotation of those gate valves parametrically but I'm having a hell of a time with it. I took our standard gate valve family and loaded into this family. My plan was to create a cylindrical sweep between them that was controlled by two Angle parameters, and the nested gate valve families would be fixed to the ends of this sweep and be controlled by the same angle parameters.

    My problem is that I can't seem to fix the axis of rotation, no matter what I do. I'll adjust the angle parameter from 0░ to 90░ and get the valve to swing where I want it, but when I adjust it back to 0░ the base point of rotation has "wandered." I try to lock it with dimensions but that only results in constraint errors.

    What am I doing wrong? Is there some trick to rotating parts that I'm missing here?
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    If it only comes in a few rotations you might consider having them all in the family and turning them on/off with parameters of instead.

    Hard to say what the issue is with a deeper dive but if youĺre trying to connect the valve to the end of the sweep that would cause problems. Get the rotational rig working without geometry. Once it does what you want, add the geometry back in.

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    I might try having two families for the valve conditions: the straight and the elbow version. For the elbow version you can have the valve rotate 180░ to satisfy the n and z conditions... Or I might just have the end flange connection as a separate family and try rotating that (and controlling the length offset). For rotation, I've recently found that controlling the start and end points of the rotating line directly to give me better, more stable, results. After the reference line is set, host your valve on the "horizontal" plane of the line and align-lock the family to whichever end of the line you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GMcDowellJr View Post
    If it only comes in a few rotations you might consider having them all in the family and turning them on/off with parameters of instead.
    This wouldn't work since, presumably, there are connectors hosted to the valves that also need to rotate. The connector still remains in the same location even if it's reference geometry is hidden.

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