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Thread: Having trouble with in-place solid/void modeling

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    Having trouble with in-place solid/void modeling

    We have a large sculpture/memorial project that will be built into the earth, with a dome inside and several smaller circular void areas around that dome inside. The roof outside is sloped. The problem is that I need a cylindrical void that partially connects to the overall dome void, but the top of the cylinder needs to be sloped to the underside of the roof. If it were possible to connect an extrusion top face to a sloped ref plane, it would work, but that doesn't appear to be possible. I've tried various versions of blends, swept blends and revolves but nothing comes out right. I tried doing another void to cut the cylindrical void, but I can't seem to get a void to cut another void without also cutting the solid geometry. I need this because the cylinder by itself cuts the dome up above the roof level, which I don't want. The goal is to have it look like the cylindrical void cut on the right of the image below, which works as a cylinder because the roof slopes up high enough at that point.

    Any ideas?

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