I'm wondering if anyone has any solutions/work-arounds for those times when you DON'T want to see the opening/void in an object (roof, floor, wall) that a family cuts or to which it is hosted.

85% of the time I do want to see the opening a family creates, even when the family is hidden by category/filter. However, I don't have a good method for dealing with the 15% where I don't want to see the the openings. These are generally overall and small scale views where the extra information isn't needed, clutters the drawing and could cause confusion. Examples include:
  • Campus location map - turning off skylights, solar tubes and roof hatches that cut the roof. The resulting view is postcard sized.
  • Overall plans - floor ducts in equipment rooms

The information needs to be there in other views. Voids can't be turned off or controlled by detail level. Ideally there would be a subcategory for lines created in a surface by opening/void. The only work around I've found is to leave the elements who have the openings/voids on in the view and override them with solid patterns and line colors to make them appear invisible. It feels very hacky, and doesn't work with some skylights (something to do with the transparency of the material that I haven't been able to figure out how to deal with. Filled regions are even worse, since they don't update.