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Thread: perfobond connector

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    perfobond connector

    Solved for me.
    I'm a noob, there was a limited crop view that somehow automaticly (doubt it) turned on.

    Thank you for a quick response DaveP!

    (OFFTOPIC): While here, is there a way to make a 'perfobond connector' in such way that it acts like an extrusion where it automaticly creates ''voidholes'' along lenght depending on the lenght of the the perfobond extrusion is (adjustable).
    I am trying to make a steel tube with perfobonds inside for entanglement. Composite column.

    E.g. (image):
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    Not allowed! Not allowed!
    I moved your post to the Families section.
    Your question about perfobond was unlikely to get noticed buried under the original thread titled "refresh view"

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