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Thread: tag only taking first few digits of info from a parameter

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    tag only taking first few digits of info from a parameter

    I have a situation where I have a door tag. Within the tag I want the door reference to include the level the door is on. The levels are all called "00 - ground", 01 - First", "02 - second", etc etc. I don't want all that in the door tag. Just the first 2 digits. I know the obvious way would be to rename the levels to just the number. But that will effect too many other views already out there.

    So does anyone know of a way or a formula to add to a door tag that will make it only reference the first 2 digits of the level the door is associated with?

    Eternally grateful if anyone knows of a solution.

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    I know its frustrating to read the same answer to so many threads, but: Dynamo, is the best answer there. You cant do it just in the door itself, without an external app. Not unless you want to window select all of the doors and manually type in Level numbers.

    You can tell a graph to:

    1. Get the Level the Door is on.
    2. Get the name of the Level.
    3. Read only characters before the hypen (or hard code it to 2 characters)
    4. Tell it to place those characters at the beginning of the Door Number (in another Shared Parameter, or something).

    Frankly, i wouldnt bother. ESPECIALLY not as 01 and 02, with a leading zero (unless the buildings are over 9 stories tall). Just eats up more space in the Tag. My door numbers on Level 1, start with a 1. Door numbers on Level 2 start with a 2. No dynamo (or formulas) needed.

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