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Thread: Installation Dynamo 1.3.2. for Revit 2016

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    Exclamation Installation Dynamo 1.3.2. for Revit 2016

    Hello Dynos,

    I have a Problem: I can't install Dynamo over 0.9. for Revit 2016 Why? I would like to have the core of 1.3.2.
    Right now I have Revit 2016,17,18,19 and Dynamo 2.0.2. on my Laptop
    I have also Dynamo studio with 1.3.4.!
    What should i do ? I already deinstalled all dynamos an reinstall from low to new version - it didn`t work?

    I am glad about any advice


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    Dynamo only officially support 3 versions of revit at a time so 2016 is out. This link talks about the versions and the headache with dealing with older version of Revit.

    It's possible that you might have thing hanging around from 1.3.3 and 2.0.2. Try a registry repair tool. I had fixit utility by Microsoft recommended to me recently and it worked with removing 1.3.3 core (totally 2.0.2 now). The tool might need the program installed to actually remove everything so you might have to reinstall 1.3.3 and run to tool to uninstall it cleanly.

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