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Thread: Family type visibility in 'edit family' mode

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    Family type visibility in 'edit family' mode

    Hello to all, I'm a fresh revit forum user.

    Despite browsing throught the forum here I didn't find an answer to my current revit-problem...
    Maybe you guys have an answer or tricks / ideas.

    The question is as following:

    I'm in the proces of making a family with several familytypes in it. The familytypes consists mostly of extrusions, voids etc.
    When I open the family, ALL of the elements used in ALL types are visible. Some of them are greyed-out, wich has to do with yes-no parameters being active or not. What I want is that only elements activated (with yes/no parameters) for a specific type are visible. I don't want inactive elements to be greyed out, but completely hidden from whatever familyview (floorplan, section, 3d etc>). Is this posible?

    When the family is loaded into a project all is functioning well. But because the family consists of somany types, it is very distracting and confusing when someone wants to edit the family...

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    You might also want to look into Nested Shared Families instead of building all your options/Types with visibility parameters.

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    Roel, as proposed by Munkholm, you can use the "Preview Visibility" Settings in the family editor for this.
    Once activated, only the visible geometry set by the parameters or LOD will be shown, all the rest will be hidden temporarily.
    To show you are in this mode a dark yellow border will appear around your work area.

    Kind regards
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