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    Not allowed! Not allowed!


    On the last project I did, my sleeving was set up to display the following from linked models:

    Beams and drop panels (structural framing) on level below.
    Room layouts on current level.
    Plumbing fixtures.

    Hidden were the following:

    All MEP.

    On my new project, I wasn't able to transfer view view templates, so I'm setting it up manually. I have all the same VG settings except that the walls on the floor below are showing. This might be due to the fact my view range bottom is -1000mm (cut plane is 2000) but if I set the bottom to 0 as I did on my last project, I don't get to see all the framing. Seeing the walls below would be fine if I could somehow shade the walls on the current level to differentiate, but it's not working.

    Any hints?

    Discipline = coordination
    Linked models = underlay

    I tried setting the discipline to structural but this hides all stud walls amongst other undesirable effects.

    Completely stumped.

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    Not allowed! Not allowed!
    Sounds that it would be easier to set this up with the view template from the previous project. What happened when you tried to transfer that view template?

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