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Thread: MEP BIM Procedures Manual

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    MEP BIM Procedures Manual


    I am currently the only Revit/Bim Co-ordinator within the company and have been asked to create a systems & procedures manual so we can become accreditted to the next level.... Has anyone got any guidance of times and how best to start this? or even better a manual that i can doctor?

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    Seriously writing one assumes the firm has such systems and procedures in place. If so then you're capturing what you and others already know and do routinely. Unless your firm as a lot of turnover or is hiring more staff regularly I'd argue the manual is redundant, you're all already doing it. Hey Joe, do that thing you're already doing, just faster please.

    Many times the task really means figure that stuff out and then write it all down so we all know what you figured out. It often gets conflated with the notion of "this will train our staff" and "if they need to do stuff they just look at our manual". The task is no different than writing an actual book but customized for your own firm, a firm autobiography of sorts. Even worse, nobody will read it, or very few will. There are a bunch of good Revit books available. How many of them does your firm own?

    You could be much more productive focusing on improving the content and template your firm uses. The old adage is people use standards that are easier than not using them. That means they are already in your template and content. It's not a smaller task than writing the book but it will have a real impact all day, every day. Since you're clever, you'll also write down what you've done and why as you do all of that. Then that becomes your manual and make that available to users in a convenient way. Put it on an internal web site, and searchable PDF, or even build your own add-in to Revit that people can search for help and guidance.

    If you just chase the task they've given you then start with the biggest stuff, write them as mini articles or chapters and in a year or two you'll have a manual. What is biggest? The stuff that you get asked about regularly.

    I should mention there are also training options like Linked In Learning (used to be and CAD Learning (and others). CAD Learning offers a package that lets you organize their training content into curriculum that people can watch/use based on their own jobs in the firm.

    Good luck!
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    That's how I created my own "Standards & Procedures Manual" for architecture. I put my IP, documented the Standards set in the Template, How To graphical info, & Lessons Learned & other "Efficient & Effective" processes into a OneNote (Note: Format your notes/page to Letter Size before hand, as it'll make producing a "Book" easier much later). If I found articles with well formatted Literature on best practices & other info I'd also organize & record those I'd come across into a section & plucked what I needed & or reword it to include other factors & info or in conjunction with what I was producing.

    So, early on I would get questions bout "how'd you do that" or "what was the solution to this issue", so I started documenting it all & unknowingly it turned out to be useful in producing a "Manual, aka: Book of Truth, aka: The BIM Gospel ;p This material could also help you in preparing your own Conference Class for AU or other too...I was just too busy doing to even teach in social settings ;p

    I'd recommend you search this blog for all MEP references to best practices & from Learning (paid/free), Global eTraining (paid), AUGI (free), BiLT (paid), MU (paid), & most importantly Autodesk University (paid/free).

    Other BIM Manuals from Owners you could also Reference as examples are from the USAEC, NY&NJ PA, San Diego Airport, Denver Internat'l Airpot, & Ohio State to name a few I've had to work with.

    Don't be afraid to also reach out to your peers directly by phone, email, or social media/groups either from across the globe. I do it all the time. I never want to stop learning, otherwise I feel naked/useless.

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