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Thread: Revit Extensions 2019

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    Revit Extensions 2019

    Well...there ya go. What I thought would happen actually happened. Autodesk shutdown their Extensions for 2019 in favor of 3rd Party add-ins. Updates to Revit Extensions for timber and rebar - Revit Official Blog

    Funny that they made the decision back in April but we find out today.

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    They were all **** anyway.

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    I made good use of the roof framing extension though for design intent before handing it of to the carpenters who have their own software (and they prefer to redo the model rather than adopt mine).

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    Thanks for mentioning it. That's a pity - I also used to occasionally use the roof framing extension - it reminded me of using Nemetschek Allplan which used to (and probably still does) have this sort of thing built in for modelling roof timbers.

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