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Thread: Warren Truss (height flex problem)

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    Warren Truss (height flex problem)

    I tried to make a truss with a warren configuration, it is made as a 'structural truss family'.
    The diagonals are always spanning 3 meters, I made one array for the diagonal going up, one for the diagonal going down.
    The flexing in width is without a problem (if you keep the parameter for the array above 1).

    Flexing in height is a different story, as soon as you put a diagonal in an array it loses its connection with the bottom chord.

    However, Revit has a 'Howe flat truss' which does exactly that, flexing in width ánd flexing in height although it is an array.
    Does anyone know how they built that family, I can't see any constraints within the array.

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    It is easier to make truss families using the templates provided for that purpose.
    If you want to get an idea how the How Flat Truss is made, you can open that family, go to VG and turn on annotations. You will see all the dimensions and constraints.

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    I'm a new REVIT user and currently have a subscription to REVIT LT. As the LT version has limited family's, I'd like to know if I can create a pitched wood truss family....? I currently don't have a "Structural Truss" family template with REVIT LT....

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