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Tema: Lookup Table Import - Separator Invalid

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    Lookup Table Import - Separator Invalid

    Hi all,

    I've been trying to teach myself about lookup tables and made a first, very very simple .csv lookup table to test the basics. However, I've hit a brick wall with this error - upon importing the lookup table I get the "The separator in the header is invalid" error message.

    The headers both have the very basic "Holesize##length##millimeters" and "HR##length##millimeters" in them (without quote marks) as you can see in the screen shot - is there something obvious that I'm missing?

    After hours of googling & reading the things that I've already tried are:-

    1. Closing both excel and Revit after editing the .csv file / prior to importing
    2. Changing the values from millimeters to millimetres to inches to feet
    3. importing the lookup table .csv file both before and after creating the two required relevant parameters to use the bolts.csv file - although I can't see how this would actually affect the import...
    4. Also tried changing the .csv to a .txt and viewing to make sure that it is using the expected , as the separator and not another symbol - as in second screenshot.

    It seems to be such a simple test but I can't understand what the problem is - can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks.

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    Wierd.. I would suggest you find an existing lookup table in a family that works and use that as the basis (Or at least see what is different)

    Personally I have managed to avoid lookup tables for a long time. I prefer to use formulas.
    If you graph that type of data you can always fit a 'Y=A + Bx' formula to it quite accurately (Use 'fit trendline' and 'show equation' in excel to get A and B)
    Then instead of a lookup table you can use the formula to look up any value of Y from X..
    A and B can be Type Parameters, so you can make types within the same family that use different source data.

    So for example.. Heres data for a bunch of different air grilles and their throw distance for different airflows.
    By graphing this data to get the A and B constants I was able to make one air terminal family that will accurately calculate the throw distance for each type based on the Flow.

    Maybe this seems complicated... but I find it much easier to use than lookup tables.
    I use this method for stuff like pipe fittings too (Outside diameter, flange size etc..) so one pipe fitting can have multiple materials/manufacturers as types.
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    try selecting all the blank header cells and pressing delete. you may find you have accidentally put a space in one.

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