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Discussion: Hanger Family

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    Hanger Family

    I am working on a job that was previously modeled with conduit hangers. I need the rod length to be 2" above the pan deck. Is there a way to modify the family to automatically look for the deck and attach to it? I am going through and individually moving every rod to the length I need.

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    To avoid having to adjust every single hanger manually, I can mention two solutions:

    1) Convert the duct or pipe to fabrication parts, then use the hangers from the Fabrication tool. Those are "smart hangers" that find the nearest supporting element above, and adjust the rod(s) to the proper length, and also, adapt the width of the hanger to the duct or pipe. If you want to learn more about this, see this:

    2) Buy an add-on. There are some that do amazing things about hangers. Check Youtube or Linkedin for videos about this. Two of them are: AgaCAD and MagiCAD.
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