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Thread: Family versioning and tracking parameter(s)

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    Family versioning and tracking parameter(s)

    Does anyone use custom parameters to track content versioning? I've been using a simple text parameter that has values manually entered, containing a date and initials of the last one to modify it. I'm wondering if there is benefit to adding parameters to catch additional information (mark an upgrade versus an edit, or output from Dynamo, for example). The date is OK, but it requires you to remember what you were doing to that family on that day.

    Is there a configuration (of parameters and information) that you've found beneficial? Or in contrast, do you find it becomes cumbersome?

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    I have a set of Prlx Shared Parameters tracking which library families came from, and what version they are. But i fully suspect that when customers get the content they remove those, as thats what i do to other folks content.

    But i use them in house to track what version of each library is currently loaded in a project. There is an excel file here listing the versions, too. But, it is only as successful as someone is willing to be diligent, in keeping it up to date.

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