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Thread: Nested Door Thresholds

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    Nested Door Thresholds

    Hi guys,

    I was interested in your feedback here. I have gravitated more and more to leveraging Revit's 3D capabilities in my project's construction drawings. On a recent residential project of mine, there were several tricky door threshold details that had to be worked out that I was interested in showing with a 3D section. Due to time constraints I ended up just throwing together a typical 2D drafting view detail.

    My Revit door families do not have thresholds nested in them, but after this incident it is something I would like to investigate adding. I recognize that threshold details can vary wildly from manufacture to manufacturer and from product line to product line, but having a generic subset of nested threshold families would at least allow the project to more accurately represent the conditions at certain doorways. I don't see any obvious downsides to nesting these into my door families, but as far as I can see nobody else seems to do this. Are there any reasons not to nest thresholds into a door families? Thanks!

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    There arent any *technical Revit reasons* we arent doing it, but its very little value added, for the amount of effort gained:

    1. You'll have to have them swappable, defeatable, AND movable, in the throat/frame depth of the wall (not ALL thresholds match or respect the depth of the door frame itself, nor do they all align the same way in the door opening). That means having provisions where they inherit the frame depth from the door family or frame family itself, and also having the ability to slide it forward or backward in the frame, if its a particular type that doesnt match the frame, but that can have its position change in the doorway.

    All possible, mind you, but a bunch of extra parameters to put in.

    2. Youre going to have to decide if you want the threshold as a nested component of the DOOR, or of the FRAME, assuming you have nested/Shared Frame Components. (If you dont, i dont know why you would bother with thresholds first.). The reason thats important, is: If you nest in to the Parent Door Family, you are denied access to the Frames Depth, in any situations where the frames depth is a fixed dimension (but there might not be many cases there). But if you nest the Threshold in to the Nested Frame, its suddenly a bunch harder to edit/change/swap types.

    Personally, i think thats not that big of a deal. Id go nested right in to the Parent Family, instance controls for Actual Depth, and Type Parameter controls for min and max depths for "warnings," the same way my ADA clearances work.

    3. You're going to need to have variations for the typically used situations, and that will get annoying if the sizes are controlled by Instance. You want some ABILITY to have them controlled by instance (By Door Instance, anyway) for the cases where the threshold is essentially a stone or tile slab underneath the entire door. But where its just a transition strip between materials (carpet/VCT) now its an annoyance to have to deal with.

    So you have the types swappable, and one *type* (simple floor transition) simply doesnt respect the instance values. But... Its a training thing, for the users.

    All in all, there isnt a great reason NOT to do it. Its just one more Nested Family, just like all of our Hardware. Its just that the return on investment for it is much lower, so we havent bothered. And so far, no clients have asked for it.

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