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Thread: visibility parameter

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    visibility parameter


    can i control a formula by checking on the visibility from a parameter, but in a project ..
    so for example i want to change a distance from my family by checking on a parameter in a project instead of the other (normal) way..

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    Yes, you can control a formula using a 'Yes/No' parameter and a conditional statement using 'IF'

    (Conditional Statements Here:

    This is just one method of doing this but I like to create a few parameters for each distance value, a yes/no parameter and finally the distance parameter which will move the reference plane in your family. It gets broken down like this

    Distance1Value = 0'-0"
    Distance2Value = 6'-6"

    ToggleDistance = Y/N

    Distance = IF(ToggleDistance, Distance1Value, Distance2Value)

    This is impying that when ToggleDistance is checked, your Distance parameter will be set to 0'-0" (Distance1Value) and when unchecked, 6'-6" (Distance2Value). It is also worth mentioning that you can skip over using parameters for each value and just include the lengths in the formula, like so. IF(ToggleDistance, 0'-0",6'-6")

    You can then find the 'ToggleDistance' Parameter in the project either as Type or Instance, whichever you choose.

    things get a bit tricky if you want to use more than two values but I hope this helped!
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    Thank you very much billiam.. this was what i needed.

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