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Thread: Symbol with shared parameters in titleblock

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    Symbol with shared parameters in titleblock

    Making a title block where I thought I would be really clever and nest in a symbol.
    Pretty easy to manage I thought, however I am using shared parameters in the symbol to input text.

    In my project file I have imported the shared parameters that were created in the titleblock and placed them on "sheets" as instance properties.
    The parameters show up on my sheet, so I can type them in the sheets but they do not then show this text in my titleblock symbol...

    Symbol contains text and labels - the labels point to the shared parameters.
    The symbol is inserted in the titleblock family
    I added a yes/no parameter to make the symbol appear or not as an instance property.

    The yes/no parameter works.
    The parameters are present in my project (ie have been shared to project)
    When I fill in text in my sheet properties the labels do not report the values.

    What am I missing?
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    I have a label in my sheet that displays Custom Scale (when I have views of different scales on 1 sheet) I toggle a yes/no parameter and it switches visibility between the standard scale and the custom scale. The parameter is text.

    It is a Label on the title block referring to a shared parameter 'Custom Scale'
    And in my project it is used as a Project Parameter for all sheets.

    When I fill in the parameter in my sheet (as instance Parameter) it does show up in my titleblock.

    I think that is what you are looking for, right?

    This is how I got it to work, maybe that helps you along.

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    well yes, ok I didnt explain completely

    I created a symbol containing shared parameters.
    I inserted the symbol (and the shared parameters file) into the title block family.
    I inserted the titleblock family (containing the symbol) into the project
    I loaded the shared parameter text file into the project
    I created project parameters assigned to sheets (using the parameters originally created in the symbol family)

    These parameters show on my sheet to be filled in as text (as intended)
    but they do not show up on my titleblock.

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    Is your symbol 'Shared' as in here?
    The fall proof method is to add parameters first to your sheet in family editor and then connect them to your symbol.

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