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Discussion: Survey Point in Gau Krger coordinate system - project base point (0,0,0)

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    Question Survey Point in Gau Krger coordinate system - project base point (0,0,0)

    Hello everybody ,

    I'm relatively new to Revit, but I have a major problem and altough I did a lot of research I could not find a satisfiying answer to my problem. I have an exisiting dwg file. The original coordinates are in the "Gau-Krger" coordinate system (the most used coordinate system in Austria). I can give the survey point the coordinates of a chosen point. After I clip the survey point I want to put it in the same position as the project base point. But I want the project base point to have the coordinates (0,0,0). However, if I move the survey point to the project base point postition the coordinates of the project base point change, since it is somehow linked to the survey point.

    I hope that someone can help me, altough the question might be super-basic.
    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    The Project Base Point (PBP) isn't changed. The values you see are referencing the Survey Coordinate System origin but it (PBP) is still 0,0. You can confirm it. Place a spot coordinate (assigned to the PBP) it will report 0,0. You can move the Survey Point unclipped so it is at the same location as the PBP. That leaves the survey coordinate system intact to match its origin. Unclipped allows us to move the PBP and SP symbols without altering their related coordinate systems.

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