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Thread: how to rotate text label

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    how to rotate text label

    seems text label is very picky in terms of rotation w/ its locked "host" (ref line for instance), any particular reason and/or workaround?
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    1. Put in another refplane at 90 degreess to the original, put it at the end of the refline that you want to align the nested label to. (i.e. the beginning or the end) What needs to happen is that the text can "rotate" around that, so the text needs to be centred on its refplanes (as you have done)

    2. Now, the trick is (would you believe) when locking the 90 degree refline by dimension, you dimension from the nested label family to the 90 degree refline and then lock it :
    Click image for larger version. 

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    ( I tend to do this part before aligning to ensure its right)
    3. Once that is down, align the nested label familiy to the associated refplanes and lock them together (using standard methods)

    Your fixed family attached for your investigation
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