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Thread: Pipe Accessories recognition in system

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    Pipe Accessories recognition in system

    Hi people.

    Have a question about pipe accessories.

    I created a family – Isolating Valve.
    In the “Family Category and Parameters” its saved as pipe accessory/valve – normal.

    Downloaded into the project and shown under “Pipe Accessories” in the project browser.

    When I try to place it on top of the pipe which is part of piping system it picks up center of the pipe but when I click it. Revit drops valve to the 0.0 offset and its not part of the system or pipe, just separate object.

    Im confused, do I have to place connectors on every pipe accessory and if yes do I have to create same families of valves for different systems? Or any advise why Revit couldn’t recognize my pipe accessory.


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    It should have 2 connectors that are Fitting or Global. Then it will take on the system of the existing pipe.
    Use Global connectors when you need to know the flow through the pipe accessory in the family itself.
    But Fitting works better with sizing the pipes.
    If that doesnt work then try using 'Breaks Into' or 'Valve - Breaks Into' in the family options

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