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Thread: Why "Opening by Face" cannot do partial cut?

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    Angry Why "Opening by Face" cannot do partial cut?

    I had a project today where the bottom flanges of a UB beam required some drilling. I tried the Opening By Face command but I noticed that it only cut through the whole beam, then I tried to create a Model in Place and use the Cut tool by adding some cutting geometry, again it didn't work. The only way it seemed to work is by creating a new family file, checking "cut with void when loaded" and then cut the flange with the cut tool. My question is WHY???? Why all this unnecessary process??? Would be more simple if the Opening by face would cut just a part? Sometimes I really do not understand why Autodesk is making it so hard.

    From times to times I discover things in Revit which could be solved with a click of a button, but instead, they require a whole workaround which consumes time and causes frustration. Why???

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    Did you try the shaft opening tool?

    Not sure if this will actually cut your beam anyhow (I usually use it for elevator shafts or multi-level MEP penos), but you can set the height/depth of the cut with that.

    Also you can try the "in-situ" component, and just model a void in place, which would do the job just the same as you did by editing the family - and this will let you control how many faces (or depth/height) of the void.
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    while i could not cut holes in a w steel beam in the project work space. I could cut holes in the beam in the family work space

    u would just have the save the beam off as a different family to not over write the first one
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    Quote Originally Posted by gpktm View Post
    Because their assumed workflow is not yours.

    Use a Face-Based Void family.

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