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Thread: Family symbol with text set as a parameter Possible?

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    Family symbol with text set as a parameter Possible?

    Hi everyone,

    I am wondering is there a way of creating a family which will have a symbol with text in it, that is displayed in floor-plans and can be edited in type parameters .


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    What is the purpose of this text? Everything modeled in the project environment can be annotated with a Tag family, this tag will pull data from an object and display it in your symbol. just follow the basic steps below to get started, the rest is up to you:

    - Hit the Home button (the big R on the top left), and hit 'New', then 'Annotation Symbol'.

    - Select the Metric/Imperial Generic Tag Template.

    - Change the category (yellow folder icon in the top left) to suit the family you want to tag. If you select the wrong category the tag will not work.

    - Create a Label from the Create tab. Place this at the intersection of the reference planes, you can offset it if you want. Just be aware that the intersection will be the placement point. You can also use it to align other tags in the project environment.

    - Explore the available parameters and find the one that suits what your after. If you can't find it you will need to make a shared parameter.

    - Use masking regions and the like to finish the symbol off.

    - Load it into the project and start tagging!

    From this point, it's up to you. Let us know if you run into anything you can't solve on your own.

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    If the symbol always needs to be in the same spot, you can indeed save yourself some time by nesting a Generic Annotation in your family. Unlike a Label in a Tag, a Label in a Generic Annotation reads only the parameters in the family itself. Once nested, those parameters can be associated with parameters in the 'host' family.

    Sometimes I nest the Generic Annotation in a Shared Generic Model Family so I can use View Filters to control the annotation.

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    Thanks for your reply,
    Great explanation could follow every step.

    I should of been more specific of what i was looking for, tagging isn't really what I need.

    I'm trying to create the following:
    - Light Fixture Family
    - Each with many types
    Purpose of that text:
    - Different Projects Same Symbol
    - Letter inside the symbol Varies from A-Z(Depending on Project)
    - It won’t vary for every project but will in most cases
    I would like text to be in this symbol and change it when required like a parameter instead of editing family

    Maybe there is a better approach to this

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    Actually a Tag is exactly what you need. Because the "text" you're trying to display is the Type Mark (The letter ranging between A-Z). I would advise against nesting a text label in your Family. This is the AutoCAD way, not the Revit way.

    Using the Type Mark is the best way to do this, especially for creating your light fixture schedules.

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