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Thread: Revit Express Tools - Schedule XL - Importing Excel into Existing Revit Schedule (?)

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    Unhappy Revit Express Tools - Schedule XL - Importing Excel into Existing Revit Schedule (?)

    After hours of searching, I'm at a bit of a loss.

    My goal is to import an excel spreadsheet (of sheet data from the consultants on the project) into Revit, and integrate that imported data with existing data in Revit. As in, I want one "Sheet Index" schedule that combines both the Revit project data from my office with excel spreadsheet data from the consultants. This will be going on the title page.

    At this point, I can use Revit Express Tools Schedule XL to import the excel spreadsheet. But, I am unable to integrate it with my own sheet index. So the best I can get is two separate sheet indexes, which means I cannot organize the total information alphabetically or otherwise.

    Any ideas? Any hacks?

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    You have to use "Spreadsheet Link". Select the Sheet category, then in the preview select Create->"Create new sheets...", then the number of sheets needed. Then copy data from Excel & paste the data in their appropriate columns in the preview pane. I wouldn't make then "Unplaced Sheets" because it's easier to select them once in your project & assign them parameters for Browser organization. Now if they are using Revit, then you can link their models with all worksets off if coordination isn't an issue (if you're using A360 or Navis for clashing) or of course a workset per Linked Revit file that's off by default. Make the sorting parameters shared if you'll be linking in consultant files for better coordination of the sheets. Consultants are very lazy when it comes to organizing their "Sheets" for you, so prepare for battle.

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