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Thread: pipe fittings and pipe valves size adjustment

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    pipe fittings and pipe valves size adjustment

    So i am trying to use dynamo to change the size of pipe fittings and valves.

    The reason for this is when you change the size of pipe the size of the fittings and valves do not change with them they all must be changed manually.


    1.Pipes are set by diameter while valves and fittings are set by radius

    2. grabbing a family of pipe fittings will not work because you use the the same fittings and valves on different pipes systems (for example Heating Hot Water & Chilled water) If i only want to change the Heating Hot Water grabbing all of the fittings would change both systems

    Are these 2 things possible to over come?

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    Sounds very possible. Sadly I don't know how much of the MEP side of Revit works so probably won't be able to assist too much in this.

    However, as with all things Dynamo, it's probably a combination of the following:

    1. Select all pipe fittings
    2. Filter and Group based off Size
    3. Query Fittings attached
    4. Query size of pipes
    5. Changing fittings to size of pipes (Generally using a formula of some kind)

    So long as the parameter is not READ_ONLY, you can change it with Dynamo.

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    the problem that i run into in dymamo is selecting all fittings of a a certain family, the selection needs to be more specific to include pipe system as well

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    Filter your selection for a particular parameter, such as system name.
    Use 'Get parameter by name' to get Sytstem Type, check it with '==' node or 'String Contains' and a string with what you want to find. This will give you a list of Yes/No results.
    Then use 'Filter by Boolean Mask' to filter the original list of fittings, using the list of Yes/No results as the mask.

    This is an essential method for handling selection sets and lists of stuff in dynamo.

    However, to go back to your original problem...
    When you change pipe sizes in revit the Pipe Accessories dont change with it, but if you CALCULATE the pipe/duct size they do.

    I have found that in my own workflows I dont focus on 'drawing' pipe and duct sizes at all any more. Its quicker and easier to focus on designing and specifying the flow rates correctly, setting up a well connected system (Yeah I know it can be tricky and gives a lot of errors, but thats just experience and practice), and just let revit size everything for you.
    Dont 'Draw', 'Generate' a model based on the data...

    Also.. you can change your fittings from radius to diameter if you want to (Since R2014). I prefer Diameter because its the same as the pipes.

    Open the family, delete the existing connectors (or maybe just unlink the existing parameters), go to the 'family category' options (Yellow folder icon) and change Use Radius to Use Diameter. You have to remove the existing connectors with Radius before this can be changed and then replace them.
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