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Thread: AHU Duct Connector Size Changes

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    Post AHU Duct Connector Size Changes

    I created an AHU. I have different types in it. So it means, duct connector must change its sizes any time I input the duct size. And also the connecting plinth in it must change also. Is it possible? Thanks. Please check my attachment.
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    Hi Lime,

    Welcome to the forum. What you are asking is very possible within the family editor, you have already made dimensions constrain to each type with the length, width, etc. You just need to set up parameters for connector size (length/width) and the same for your plinth.

    To constrain the connector sizes you'll see a little grey box next to the value while the connector is selected. Same place you entered dimensions. But you'll need to also constrain all of your solid geometry to reference planes and dimension them. Just have a play with it for a while, it is the best way to learn.

    Additionally, for the plinth you might want to set up a simple formula. Next to the parameter value in the Family Types window you could define a formula to control the size of your plinth. For example Plinth Length = 'Unit Length + 150'. This will reduce the amount of manual entry you do for each type.

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    Also, you probably want to make the sizes of the unit itself Type Parameters (So you make different types for different unit models/specifications) but the attacjed duct sizes as Instance Parameters (So the size is driven by the connected duct in your project)

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