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Thread: revit 2015 - family creation - 300mm pipe bracket

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    revit 2015 - family creation - 300mm pipe bracket

    hi there,

    i was wondering if anybody can help, i have a pipe bracket and its for a 300mm pipe. the bracket has 3 supporting arms and it should be a wall based family. theres a few things i would like to ask about how to tackle the issues im having and ill do those one step at a time.
    for now i would like to know if anybody can give me any ideas of how i can make the bracket so when i insert the family in it inserts in the centerline of the pipe?

    Thank you in advance.

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    To do that it will need to be a Pipe Accessory family with the option 'Part Type' set to 'Breaks Into'.
    Or you might be able to do it with 'Attaches to' so that it doesnt break the pipe but im not sure if that will center accurately.

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