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Thread: Make Junction Box Hosted

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    Make Junction Box Hosted

    I made a junction box with conduit connectors for 13 and 17 conduit boxes. These are free floating (don't know the term) and I would like to make another version that can be hosted by walls. This came about because a coworker wanted to have the box on a wall and I suggested rotating it in section view but it says we can't rotate it to this position. I looked into it and it appears it was because I was using reference planes instead of lines. I changed as many of those as possible but I still couldn't rotate the box. Is there a way to replace the origin reference planes with lines?

    I also tried nesting the box into a wall mounted template but I can't rotate the nested box to be in the correct orientation in the family.

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    In your 'Free floating' (Generic or Level based) family, check the box that says Workplane Based. Then you will have the option to place it on a level or a face when it is created.
    If you want it to keep the same orientation when placed on a wall (Choose place on face and click a wall), check the 'Always Vertical' box. If you want it to rotate 90 degrees to be 'on' the wall then dont.

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    So, you want to be able to orientate the box differently on the wall?

    To do that you would need to set up a rotation rig and host your box to that rather than to the origin planes. As you sort of mentioned, reference planes cannot be rotated which is why you use reference lines.

    This post is the most standard way to get rotatability into your families, while these two posts : post 1, post 2, are more "advanced" ways of achieving rotatability. Ignore the first method in the two posts (post 1, post 2), and see the second and third ones.

    Hope this helps!

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