I'm having a curious issue this morning. Multifamily residential project - We have a Core+Shell model with the units linked in as separate files (instead of groups). One person on the team is having visibility issues with hosted items from one of the linked files - toilets, casework, etc. I pull it up on my computer (same exact plan view - same settings - worksets loaded + link visible, VG settings) and I can see everything just fine. I have checked that she has the most recent build, graphics card is up to date, I have tried turning hardware acceleration on and off, making a new local, restarting the computer, nothing is making a difference! It makes me think it's the computer and not something in Revit since it shows on mine just fine.

Revit 2014 (can't upgrade because of a consultant....le sigh) I have 32G RAM, she has 20....I can't imagine this is it. The file is 205Mb. We should be good!

Does anyone have any ideas about what it might be?! I'm stumped.