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Thread: Detail Item Family Label Param

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    Detail Item Family Label Param

    How do I add a DTL item family label and only get the options for the DTL item I want available as an option and not all of the Nested Families in the file???

    ie- I added a label to the screw connection at the top of my soffit stud... when I inset this family to a file the Label parameter shows all of the nested families in the file as an option and I only want to include fasteners (lvf, sms, screw anchor, or none)
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    Any family of the same category in the family (or that is shared in the project environment ) will show as an option. If you only have a couple choices just give each one a visibility parameter and control with an integer (if you want only one option chosen)

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    Agreed. The Detail Item is the more clever way to go, but you do get unwanted options in your menu selection. For this reason I also use visibility parameters as it is much neater and easier for users to understand.

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