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Thread: Pipe/Duct Connectors cant be hidden but what about this...

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    Question Pipe/Duct Connectors cant be hidden but what about this...

    Hi there, first post so hi there!

    I am a novice at Revit but building up my knowledge base.

    I work for a ventilation company and am starting to build up a catalogue of our AHUs.
    I realise that pipe connectors are not hide-able and I've heard about the array method but all that does is throw the pipe connector off into a random space next to the family rather than remove it so I am looking for the next best thing.

    I have an AHU with different options 1. With pipes 2. Without.

    I don't really want to have a different file for each variant so what I am thinking of doing is having a yes/no constraint linked to the position of the the pipe connector, then when i dont want the pipes, untick the box and have it move the connector inside the body of the model and label it 'disabled'.

    What I would like to know is although I realise it will still be visible when the model is selected but are pipe connectors something that can be counted/scheduled in a project? if they are then this method is not going to work. Or is it just the family itself as a whole that can be scheduled?

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    A family that has unused connectors remains listed (as well as visible) as an unassigned system in the System Browser. That suggests to users that there is something unfinished. It also stores an unresolved issue within the database, part of the unassigned branch of the System Browser. Autodesk recommends that all connectors belong to systems to reduce the number of unassigned connectors. For a comparison, I imagine a day care center with 100 kids and 1 adult or the same center with 100 kids and 25 adults. For Revit and our sense of it's performance it's much more manageable with more adults (systems defined) per child (connectors).

    Your product might be better off as separate Revit families despite your desire to have one.

    It is possible to host connectors on a nested (and shared) family's surface (the connector goes inside that family too). That nested family can be turned off with a Yes/No parameter assigned to its Visible parameter. The connector will also disappear with it, won't see it in the project when the AHU is selected. The system browser won't show the system related to the connector either.

    It's nearly a perfect solution, except we can't SEE the connector in the project/family OR use the very helpful right-click > Draw Pipe when that technique is used. We have to come up with some other way to make the user aware of the fact that there is a connector for your pipes. Maybe by making the nested host family look like a pipe stub. If you make your customers aware of this when they download them (assuming they read whatever you provide) it might be tolerable if the benefits outweigh their perceived inconvenience.
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    Thanks very much for the very I depth explanation, that' just what I was looking for.

    i had also read about that nested family method and tried it, as I thought it sounded good, other than the fact you can't see the connector and must be in the pipe making mode to get to it. A lot of our families already made for us (From an external source) don't have pipe connectors at all so I guess this nested method is the best we have until autodesk allow a way to hide them (both from view and as an unassigned system).

    thanks very much again for the great answer.


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