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Thread: Data in Families (System & Component)

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    Data in Families (System & Component)

    I'm in the process of trying to move our Detailing Notation through from Text & Keynote Tag , to Multi-Category & Keynote Tag based.
    I like the way MC tags can be used to grab all sorts of data from a family, instance & type data.
    Most of our stuff is either Model or Detail Component, with an armada of lines here & there.

    Question I have is: what data do we put where?

    Identity Data:
    Model :
    Manufacturer :
    Type Comments :
    URL : (we don't use these)
    Description :
    Assembly Description : (we don't use these)
    Assembly Code : (we don't use these)
    Type Mark : (Used elsewhere)
    Cost : (we don't use these)

    I have all these options now, & I'm like a kid in a lolly shop not knowing what to pick!
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    Throw in your own Shared Parameters and it gets confusing pretty quickly!

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