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Thread: Electrical Loads in Different Models.

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    Electrical Loads in Different Models.

    I'm new to revit but have been learning vigorously the last 4 months. The trial by fire method.

    I'm doing the electrical for a hotel type dwelling (military BEQ) with an associated community center building. My problem is that the electrical panels for the community building are fed from the main switchboard (MSB) in the BEQ and I need those loads to show on the MSB load schedule.

    I'm pretty sure I cant bring one into the other. I've researched linking and binding.
    Does anyone know of a workaround?

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    I am curious as to how you solved this problem. I have noted the same problem, although I found that the panel loads do show up in the totals. I have just used opaque text to indicate the load for the circuit. There must be a better way.

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    Do you have two separate models or working from one model of two buildings?
    If the former, I would use the old Amtech method of re-creating the circuit by adding in an arbitrary place, the dist boards and associated loads. so they appear in both models. That way you have a distribution board of the correct name etc to link onto the switchboard.
    You should be able to manually override the loads etc, so modelling them in the correct model will give you the load profiles and you can manually enter that onto the "fake" board you have in your model with the switchboard.
    I am a UK consultant and therefore have the added bonus of being unable to use the cable calculation method in Revit as it is based solely upon the US Ashrae standards and we go about doing things differently.
    There may be a problem with transferring the discrimination etc from one to another if you try and re-create the circuit in each model.

    If you have one model with two buildings in it, there should be no problems linking the loads together and getting the schedules to work.

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    I guess electrical circuit or regulator will be beneficial to fix at main chowk button

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