I love using journals for batch upgrades but I can only do a basic hack (cut and paste) to get results.

I have no idea what language it is based on so don't know where to start researching syntax.

What I am specifically looking for is exception handling to prevent interactive mode. When I use transfer project standards, if settings are overwritten then overwrite needs to be actioned but if not, the line needs to be absent:

Jrn.PushButton "Modal , Select Items To Copy , Dialog_Revit_ProjectStandardsList" , "OK, IDOK"
Jrn.PushButton "Modal , Duplicate Types , Dialog_Revit_PasteSimilarSymbolsTps" , "Overwrite, Control_Revit_Overwrite"
Jrn.Data "Transaction Successful" , "Transfer Project Standards"

In my mind, I would like an if statement/function to check if the journal actions are applicable. Is it even possible in this environment or does it need to be in the api? Journal suits me because I can't program, just hack prewritten code about.

Any thoughts?