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Thread: Turn off a specific Generic Annotations in specific MEP views

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    Turn off a specific Generic Annotations in specific MEP views

    Hello everyone, I'm working with some MEP Families (some dialysis boxes). They got a Generic Annotation nested, but I only want to display it in some specific views. I've added a Visibility Parameter (a 'Yes/No' instance parameter) that turns it on/off, but in all views!!! If I go to the Annotation Categories and try and turn it off it won't even come up, and honestly that trick doesn't really work. SO MY QUESTION IS: is there any possible way of filtering a Generic Annotation? That's the only way that comes to my mind. It has to be either a filter or some sort of Visibility parameter that will only 'apply' in those views where it's being used. Does this exist? I can't find it.

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    You can use subcategories. Create a new subcategory for the annotation and then turn that subcategory on/off in vis. graphics in each view.

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    Depending on what the generic annotation shows you could also remove the annotation from the family and turn the information into a tag, and only use that tag in the views you want to see that information.

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