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Thread: Ceiling Grid

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    Ceiling Grid

    I've never worked on the Electrical side of Revit so I've decided to have a practice and see what I can pick up.

    I've drawn a few walls and added doors and windows. I have 2 standard levels; level 0 and level 1.

    Level 0 being the ground floor and level 1 being 4m above this.

    I've drawn a 600x600 ceiling grid in all of the rooms at a height of 3.2m but it does not show up in my plan view.

    I see it in my 3d view, can anyone tell me how I get to view it?

    If I go to my VG the ceilings are checked.

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    in the PB, scroll down your view list a bit and look for ceiling plans. If you don't have one, go to the view tab -- plan views -- reflected ceiling plan and create a new one.

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    Check your view range in the RCP, and make sure that the top plane is set to level 1 (anywhere above your ceiling), and that cut plane is set below 3200 from level 0. Should work then.

    Edit: Aaaah, yeah, make a ceiling plan first
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    RCPs and Floor plans are created separately of each other. In the PB, Underlay is set to none and Underlay orientation is set to Floor or RCP depending on the plan view type created, you can switch those, but it wont display properly. I heard in 2013 you are suppose to be able to change underlay to the same level and be able to see the floor plan view and RCP but I can never get it to work. Mechanically, I typically use a "working ceiling" to lay out the diffusers, same for lights and anything ceiling hosted.

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