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Thread: Zooming/Lines Glitching

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    Zooming/Lines Glitching

    Does anyone else have an issue with lines glitching when zooming in as they used to a few releases ago? Where you zoom in and the lines look like they are not parallel and appear to move around and look odd every time you scroll in?

    We have this happening in a particular project in 2013. I have not noticed this in any other project yet. I believe it was upgraded from 2012.
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    Usually this has happened to me when I import a civil CAD drawing that has HUGE extents and I get the REVIT warning about it. Have you linked any CAD drawings?

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    Hi There.

    Did you guys find a solution to this problem? i have the same problem, my dwg is in the visibility graphics under the Imported Categories tab and switched off. If i switch it on i still cant find it anywhere even 3D, zoom to fit nothing.

    any advice will be much appreciated.

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    We're having this problem with a model right now. The CAD file was massive (an import, not a link). I've since deleted the CAD file, but my walls and columns are still glitching as I zoom in and out. Is there any fixing this? What do you do?


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    Ensure your model isn't too far away from the project base point.

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    I had this issue recently also.
    I was able to "fix" it simply switch the view that is bugging out between "geographic north" and "project north" and it fixed itself up.
    It wouldn't have been so bad if it was just a graphics glitch, but it seems to carry all the way thru printing even though the elements/lines are actually aligned on each other in reality, the graphic bug was causing the print to also print the graphic error. But when you measure from one line to the next in the view you get a distance of zero. Strange bug, I couldn't find what was actually causing it, but toggling between geographic and project north seemed to fix it.....

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