Anyone use OpenAsset? We've just moved our onsite to their cloud offering - and amongst other IT-related changes (more to address GDPR & CBE) there's been a query about pooling our (Revit, Max, Rhino & Photoshop) texture libraries up to there.

Wary that pulling texture maps for materials from the net would be chuggy-AF, I've just done the most unscientific experiment ever... with an image-file-as-material render test taking near-exact the same amount of time irrespective of the file being hosted locally, on network or even on OpenAsset.

Good news no?

Well, not entirely. When I pointed at the material definition to the direct path of the img offered up by OpenAsset, it did not complain, but I got a [1] on the image... Using OpenAsset for Render Assets?-capture.jpg
I let the render run (just to see if it did) then investigated further, and note the image gets pulled to a local location anyway....
Using OpenAsset for Render Assets?-untitled.png

so it looks like a non-starter, since Revit doesn't store the path to the url, so tests by another user on another computer return the old "can't find resource"

But I was wondering maybe if anyone has any experience with similar (OpenAsset or otherwise) - or if anyone has a devious idea how we might "cheat" Revit into thinking a URL path is on a domain...