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Thread: My First Enscape Renderings

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    LOL. LOL. LOL. Hey, in the grand scheme of my life, its a little bit. :P
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    In enscape nothing seems to hurt render time. That image saved in about 4 minutes, maybe less. I can't get the thing to even start with all the lights on in Revit 2018.

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    Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts about Enscape. I noticed that you are struggling with light intensities / distances etc. We are a few weeks away from v2.2 release, which will introduce a significant improvement on artificial light source. The influence distance will be more realistic, the indirect light will behave closer to reality and the shadows will be more crisp on some areas. v2.2 will also include many ideas and requests from you, including improvements in multi point video export, Virtual Reality interactivity and much more. I hope it will make your creations look even better!

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