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Thread: Autodesk Raytracer does not work

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    Autodesk Raytracer does not work

    We've used Autodesk Raytracer (ART) for a long time. We've upgraded for rendering to an i9 but now ART does not work (just stays stuck at 0%). NVIDIA mental ray works fine. In the journal I found the below entry. I'm wondering if revit 2016 / ART perhaps have compatibility issues with the i9. Does anybody have ideas what to look for?

    DBG_WARN: Crash during drawing in RapidRt.: line 253 of d:\ship\2016_px64\source\revit\revitdb\display\GLa yerAlgoRender.cpp.

    UPDATE: works in 2018 trial. I guess it's a ART compatibility issue with i9 or x299 chipset.
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