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Thread: Vray rendering section box

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    Vray rendering section box

    I´ve modeled the surroundings of my project, a very huge context, a lot of buildings. Now I want to render a piece of my designed building with Vray so I'm using a section box on one of my 3D views. The problem is that when Vray renders the view, my section box shows up very little (The image were my section has a big grey background). I think Vray is kind of rendering the whole context without showing it or something like that. This means that if i want to render the section box with decent quality I have to use a very huge resolution (because the image has a huge background). By the way my section box is a copy of my {3D}, not a cut perspective, because it has to look like an isometric view.
    I´ve cropped the section box view but Vray keeps giving me a huge image with a lot of gray background.

    I hope I´ve explained myself, thank you and sorry for the bad english.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Vray rendering section box-surroundings.jpg   Vray rendering section box-section-box.jpg   Vray rendering section box-vray.jpg  

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    I think this is a known bug to be fixed in the next Vray update.

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