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Thread: Alternative to boxy furniture in revit

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    Alternative to boxy furniture in revit

    More and more companies are releasing rendering plugins for Revit these days which is great. I'm quite impressed by Vray's new plugin for Revit which gets you very close to the more mature plugins for 3ds max or even sketchup. It still lacks some settings, but in due time it could grow out to be a great plugin. However even if Vray or any other rendering plugin achieve to create these built in engines with similar settings and quality as the full fledged software, rendering in Revit still falls short due to the lack of decent modeling tools to create realistic content within.
    Alternative to boxy furniture in revit-v-ray-3.0-revit-2015-2017.jpg

    You can go through the painstaking task of creating furniture, drapes or realistic grass, by using the massing or adaptive components families, but it could be extremely time consuming. Using Dynamo to translate content from other applications into Revit could be an option using the direct shape node of Spring Nodes which brings in smooth curves and surfaces. However due to the API limitation, materials which is essential for the renderings, can't be assigned to the geometry. I was hoping that the FormIt team would continue to develop more robust modelling tools in FormIt which could used to create content solely for rendering purposes, but unfortunately the team seems to be focused on other things.

    So, at this moment, what is the alternative besides exporting models to other software which provides either content (Lumion, Artlantis, Twinmotion) or the capability to create or import content (3ds max, Rhino, SketchUp) ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew P View Post
    what is the alternative
    I think you already (think you) know the answer.


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