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Thread: Rendering settings revert on save/sync

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    Artificial Lights resets when Rendering Settings is Closed

    I'm working on a project that has multiple areas, and after some trial and error got a workflow for setting up renderings that worked fairly well (Apply a view template to the view to set features, remove the template and adjust the lighting settings in the rendering settings dialog) I did the initial views and settings several months ago, and they still work fine. I've now added several more views and a light group for a different area.

    On the new views all the lighting properties reset to exterior, sun only on save. On older views, where I'm trying to turn off the new lighting groups, they also revert when syncing or saving.

    Any solutions?/reasons for why this might be happening?

    Edit: With further experimentation I have found that I can set the render scheme and the sun settings as long as I exit the Rendering Settings dialog between each change. I can not control lights via the Artificial Lights dialog at all. Turning lights/light groups off, dimming lights, moving lights to a group - all of it resets as soon as I exit the Rendering Settings dialog. In a view created previously that has lights dimmed any changes will reset, but the existing dimming is maintained.
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