Reposted from Octane forum.
1) Sunstudy and walkthrough animations are complete
2) Material conversion has been tuned (so Revit illumination materials are converting to Octane emitters, glass materials to specular etc)
3) Texturemaps are mapping correctly from Revit materials to Octane material for the standard Revit 2012 and 2013 materials
4) Proxy Geometry can now to included in the scene and renderer. For example, load an RPC tree, then assign it to an OBJ file, and the obj file gets loaded and replaces the RPC tree when you render in Octane. You can even edit the Octane materials of the obj file
5) Almost all UV mapping issues are fixed
6) Linked files are now included in the Octane scene that is rendered
7) Rendering of the ArchVision RPC object is not currently supported but planned

So the release of the plugin is behind schedule, but the delay has been well worth it to make it more complete.
Very impressing, hope UI will be useful. Any beta-testers there?