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Thread: Scale a Bitmap?

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    Scale a Bitmap?

    Is there a (simple) way I can scale a bitmap's appearance in the Material Editor?
    I just had a request to make a 1x1 (12"x12") Acoustical Ceiling Tile.

    It's a simple matter to create the Model pattern, but as long as I'm at it, I'd like to make the Rendering image to match.
    There is already a 2x2 and a 2x4 in the Library, so I was wondering if I could just take the 2x2 and scale it 50% to get a 1x1.
    Don't se that in the Editor anywhere. All I could find was the Sample Size, and that didn't make any difference.

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    I'm pretty sure you will need to create a new image file and link to it.

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    You can do it. Just go to the material editor. Choose the Appearance asset. Now, you'll see the material used in the Generic drop down. Click on the material itself (not the name below it). The texture editor box will open up. Under Transforms, you'll see Scale. It should say 16'X16'. If you hover over the image in the material editor (you don't need to get out of the texture editor box), the image will come up. You'll see that it's 4 tiles wide and 8 tiles high. Since each tile is 4' wide by 2' tall, if you do the math (horizontally 4wide X 4' = 16'. Vertically 8 tall by 2' = 16'), that's how the scale is set up to be 16' x 16'. To make them all 1X1 tiles, you will have to change the width to 4' (since there are 4 tiles wide and you want each to be 1') X 8' (since there are 8 tiles high and you want each to be 1'). Don't forget to unlock the aspect ratio button first (to the right of the scale section). Otherwise, it won't let you change to a different ratio, it'll let you change the number but the ratio will have to remain the same. Hit okay a few times and you're done. This doesn't affect the hatch pattern, just the appearance asset. Of course, you should probably start by duplicating the original and creating a new one before you change it.
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