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Thread: Renderings for your critiquing

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    Renderings for your critiquing

    First post!

    So I'm sort of new to Revit and I just wanted to share some renderings that I've done and get some opinions. Ive browsed the forums a bit and there are some really talented people here! So, from more experienced and trained eyes than I have, what could be done to the following to make it more visually appealing and impress the client more? Im currently not impressed with the grass etc... How could that be improved?

    Thanks for the input in advance!!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Renderings for your critiquing-front-right-sept-13.jpg   Renderings for your critiquing-front.jpg   Renderings for your critiquing-front-left.jpg  

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    overall they are pretty good.

    my 0.02 -
    play with your exposure, saturation and color values, either in Revit or Photoshop. I think the final result will have a lot more pop.
    the first image needs a curb around the grass, or the sidewalk needs adjusting
    some landscaping around the building would help soften the images a little. some small bushes / flowers in a bed would be nice.

    now that you've got the general feel for it I would start looking for better material maps. the OOTB maps are ok but they aren't great by any means. [CG Textures] - Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop! has loads of textures and a basic account is free.

    attached is your front left image and a few minutes worth of PS tinkering. far from good adjustments but as an example for how the images can be adjusted it's ok.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Renderings for your critiquing-front-left_compare.jpg  

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    Thanks for the opinion!

    The adjustments defiantly help a lot. I Will be looking into those textures you posted. I have a hard time finding good texture resources and I stumbled upon this forum and I've learned a lot the short time I've looked around.

    On the front left pic, (the one you did adjustments on) the stucco appears washed out depending on the angle of the camera. Are there any tricks to rendering stucco so that the color appears consistent from all angles? If I use an epoxy or acrylic finish on it, its better but then its glossy and that's not the look I was going for.

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    I also use for a lot of my rendering needs, also a free account but it has a daily limit I think of 15mb or something to that nature. My process is usually just a simple rendering from photoshop with all the proper textures assigned then a clean up / softening in photoshop. I usually add people, trees, vegetation, and maybe some other lighting effects / corrections in photoshop.

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    Thanks. I will try experimenting with better textures and see how I can improve myself!

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